Saw Milling


Our Saw milling department with customized cutting (Band Saw) of any size of logs, can produce customized products according to client’s specifications and at the same time reduce waste. Quality control is conducted at the end of each cutting list.

Pre Cut

The Pre Cut department prepares, according to cutting lists, the quality and quantity needed for the client’s products

Kiln Drying

United Wood Industries has 9 Kiln Dryers in house with total capacity of approximately 90 tones, in order to reduce moisture content of the wood.


At this level precession cutting, molding, drilling, mortising and other machining processes shape the components of the final products. A lot of attention is being paid in quality control before moving to the next machine for additional processing.


Machinery is used for first hand sanding to remove machine defects from the wood and prepare for assembling and fine sanding in later stages

Assembly & Gluing

During this stage assembly and gluing happens with the help of hydraulic press machines.

Fine Sanding

Fine sanding as a last step before the final quality control makes the products smooth and ready for use.

Quality Control

Quality control is fully integrated throughout the whole manufacturing process, ensuring that all products meet the client’s requirements. At the final stage all product specifications are checked before sending for packaging



Safe and Secure packaging for oversees transfers. Our packaging department has as priority to package our products in a safe and secure way that minimizes space in order to achieve cost efficient logistics.